Upon completion of your photo session, a gallery of all photographs taken during the shoot will be available on this site. You are free to purchase prints at any time. You will find our prices are very reasonable compared to other photographers. You are also welcome to browse any open gallery and purchase prints from them. Prices vary depending upon several variables including the size, paper stock and finishing options that are chosen during the checkout process. There are framing option available also when you checkout. The system will allow you to visually preview your frame selection before completing your order. Each package price below represents a 50% discount from standard rates. This discount is given when no physical copy of the photos is provided. This discounted rate does not include a copy/disc of the photos. The standard rate will be charged if a disc is requested. 
In order to see the print price list, select the photo you are interested in and add it to your cart. You will then be presented with a comprehensive list of all products that can be purchased in connection with the photo. You are not obligated to pay by adding a photo to the cart and you may delete it from your cart at any time. You can also create a "collection" of photos that can be saved by registering on the site. This allows you to collect photos and determine which ones you would like without having them in an active shopping cart.
If you have been given a coupon code, you will be asked to enter it during the checkout process and the prices will be updated once you select the "apply" link next to the code field. Limited photo manipulation is included in the price of each print (with the exception of our value prints) which may include blemish removal, color correction, cropping etc.


Starter Package $595.00. Price includes a full day with the photographer capturing every moment of your once-in-a-lifetime event. Formal photos plus journalism-style photos of your day will be my pleasure to capture. An online photo gallery of all photos taken which will allow you to easily share your photos and order prints are included in this package. The online gallery allow you to purchase reasonably-priced prints and photo books directly from the website and delivered directly to your home. In this package any photos which are ordered as prints includes free Photoshop touch-ups and enhancements. This package does not include a CD of your photos. All photos must be viewed online or ordered via as prints. See Standard Package below for CD.
Standard Package $995.00. This price includes everything above plus you will be granted all photos taken at your wedding fully licensed for personal use. You will receive a CD with all captured photos in full resolution in jpg format, including a Photoshopped "selects" gallery. Photos will be downloadable from this website in full resolution. 
Standard Plus Video Package $1295.00. This price includes everything above plus we will record and provide unedited video shot of ceremonies, dances, bouquet tosses etc. These full licensed for personal use files will be provided on CD along with the still photography files. Video is shot in 1080p HD 30 FPS resolution. 
All wedding services include on-location studio lighting.

IMG_6916.jpgIMG_6916.jpg EVENTS

Starting at $295.00. For single venue events. Receptions, plays, family dinners, open houses, wedding anniversaries, class reunions... I'll capture them all. Starting price covers most of these. Call 208-525-1881 for details.


IMG_2774-2IMG_2774-2 PORTRAITS

Starting at $99.00. Portrait singles in a unique location. I'll capture your personality.






Starting at $149.00. Includes an online photo gallery is provided which will allow you to easily share your photos and order prints plus much more. 


Starting at $49.00. This includes ½ hour with the photographer in our studio. An online photo gallery is provided which will allow you to easily share your photos and order prints plus much more. Four wallet size prints for submission to your school yearbook are included in the base fee.
High quality, artistically executed photography of your company’s products. High quality photography of retail items is one of the best ways to communicate the true quality of your products. Call 208-525-1881 for details.
Selling your home? High quality, artistically executed photography of your home or business. Super wide angle photos capture the full impact of your architectural spaces. Call 208-525-1881 for details.
Photo enhancement to enhance or restore photographs. Call 208-525-1881 for details.
Thank you for choosing Scott Tomlinson Photography. The following agreement spells out the terms and conditions relating to the relationship of any client with Scott R. Tomlinson Photography. A client is defined as anyone entering into an agreement with Scott. R. Tomlinson Photography to complete a job or service including but not limited to on-location photo shoots, studio photo shoots, consultations, etc. A client is also defined as anyone visiting our location at 634 Gladstone, Idaho Falls in connection with our photography services. Additionally, entering this website or any page thereof, even if that page is not the Terms of Service page, represents and legal agreement to abide by the Terms of Service spelled out here. Once an official agreement is reached for Scott R. Tomlinson Photography to provide a service, said service will be spelled out in writing and client will be expected to agree to these terms at that time as well by signing the written contract. Scott R. Tomlinson Photography reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time and shall be considered "at will".
Scott R. Tomlinson Photography will make every effort possible to comply with specific job agreements. Scott R. Tomlinson Photography however, cannot be held liable for equipment malfunction, acts of nature, perceived discrepancies of service or other occurrences that may interfere with our ability to complete a job. The client agrees to waive the right to any legal action against Scott R. Tomlinson Photography for any reason relating to activities of Scott R. Tomlinson Photography (within the statutes of Idaho Law). Additionally, the client agrees that entering our location at 634 Gladstone, Idaho Falls (or by entering proximity to any employee or equipment belonging to Scott R. Tomlinson Photography on location) does so at his/her own risk and also waives all rights to seek damages for any injury received on this property (or in this proximity). In many cases, electrical cords are stung to reach lighting setups and there are lights on tripods. It is the client's responsibility to watch where they are going so no injury is incurred on these components of a photography shoot. It is also the responsibility of the client to maintain control of all children present in connection to their party to ensure their safety. We do not allow services to be provided for minors without the presence of a responsible adult. 
Payment of service fees must be made as follows: One-half of the total base fee is due at the time the photography session is scheduled. The balance of the base fee and any additional fees are due upon receipt of the proofs. Receipt of proofs may be represented by the delivery of a disc with photos, delivery of a physical proof book with printed proofs or communication which informs the client as to the location of electronic proofs. Deposits on events are non-refundable if the client cancels the event.  If Scott R. Tomlinson Photography cancels the service agreement, a full refund shall be given and the client agrees to take no legal action as spelled out in this document. Print prices do not include 6% Idaho Sales Tax or additional delivery charges. Prints are fulfilled outside of the State of Idaho and we therefore do not collect state sales tax on print sales. It is your responsibility when you complete your own taxes to claim out-of-state internet purchases and to pay the taxes connected to those purchases.
I understand the language of this page may seem bold and defensive, however in this day and age, there are unfortunately many people who will take any opportunity, legitimate or not to pursue legal action against fair individuals. Please understand that I am a fair individual with many very satisfied clients and we will perform any service you hire us to do with precision and professional decorum.
Scott R. Tomlinson