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01 Karl Ray, Alan, Gena July 4, 1968 at Justice Park02 Evelyn & John at Justice Park03 July 4, 1968 Evelyn, Albert, Karl at Justice Park04 Suzanne Becky Karl Ray05 Suzanne, Becky, Debbie, Ike, & Karl-Ray at Justice Park06 Little Lemhi JLT Larry, Doug, Betty, & Suzanne07 Little Lemhi JLT Larry Betty Doug Suzanne08 Little Lemhi JLT Larry09 Little Lemhi JLT Larry10 Little Lemhi JLT Harold Thompson, Doug, & Larry11 Little Lemhi JLT Larry12 Bryce Carpenter & Doug off to scout camp12BRYC~113 Bryce Carpenter & Doug off to scout camp13BRYC~114  X15 in Pocatello15  X15 in Pocatello16 Betty at Little Lemhi17 Betty at Little Lemhi18 Tom Ranstrom at Lemhi