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01 Christensen Family at Logan01CHRI~102 Delbert & Deann's wedding day03 Logan Temple04 Logan Temple05 Delbert & Deann with parents06 Delbert & Deann's wedding07 Delbert & Deann's wedding08 Delbert & Deann's wedding08a Delbert & Deann's wedding09 Delbert & Deann's wedding10 Edith Christensen 3rd. from left with her siblings10 Edith Christensen with her siblings11a Egan's 60th Wedding with the kids12 Dougslas's 7th Birthday (Suzanne)13 Dougslas's 7th Birthday (Betty)14 Thain's wrecked truck15 Thain's wrecked truck16 Thain's wrecked truck17 Thain's wrecked truck