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01 Larry's First Scout Trip02 Larry's First Scout Trip03 Betty, Doug & Suzanne at Craters of the Moon04 Betty, Larry, Suzanne, & Doug at Craters of the Moon05 Craters of the Moon06 Douglas at Craters of the Moon07 Suzanne at Craters of the Moon08 North Flow at Craters of the Moon09 Three Cones at Craters of the Moon10 Douglas & Larry at Large Crater11 Kids at the Cones12 Betty12a Betty13 Suzzane, Douglas, & Larry on Trail14 Betty, Larry, Douglas, Suzanne at Devils Orchard15 Larry & Douglas16 Dew Drop Cave17 Betty’s Courageous entry in to the cave18 Betty, Larry, Douglas & Suzanne in Indian Tunnel19 Old Faithful Inn