01 Big Horn Mountains02 Big Horn Mountains03 Big Horn Mountains04 Big Horn Mountains05 Big Horn Mountains06 Big Horn Mountains07 Cody Wyoming08 C C Dallin -- Appeal to the Great Spirit08 C C Dallin's Appeal to the Great Spirit08CCDA~209 Fredric Remington -- Coming through the Rye10 Charles M Russell -- Old Napi11 Fredric Remington -- The Wounded Bunkie12 Solon Borglum -- Bucky O'Neil13 Charles Schreyvogel -- How Kola 'Hi Friend'14 Irving R Bacon -- Col Cody and General Miles15 Charles M Russell -- His Heart Sleeps16 Charles M Russell -- Cowboys from the Bar Triangle17 Charles M Russell -- Whose Meat18 Jeffrey at motel in Cody WY